During this 8 day charter we were fortunate to have on board x2 Groups sponsored by Boral Industries and commendably organised by Max- how clever was he to provide the excellent weather?

Group ONE Shane\'s Emperor

Group #1 Set sail with us from Gladstone and proceeded to take some fine catches from around the Capricorn Bunker Group

Here’s an interesting nature fact- Coral Trout can change their colour to help them hide from their prey. Orange trout come from deeper water where they blend better to the low light. Blue/grey trout come from shallower water where the surroundings are more bluey coloured. So … Could this trout be trying to match those wild Board Shorts???!!!

Matching Outfits
Dancing Cobia Orange Emperors
Matching Outfits!

A Heron Island rendezvous saw Group #1 trade places with Group #2 for another 4 days of fishing fun.

#Group 2 Rendesvouz

Mackeral Brown

So was there any competition between the 2 groups???? MMMmm? Just for the record Group #1 caught 240 fish and Group#2 caught 241 fish! But…Group #1 had one extra fish in their fish dinner. A Tied Score. Lastly,Group #1 won the Corona count, but Group#2 won the rum count. I guess there will have to be a rematch!

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