Garry’s Group from brisbane & PMQ in NSW missed out on last weeks favourable weather. However, this group had the best of the weather last year and it pays to be philosophical about such things in the fishing game.

When prospective charterers ask when is the best time to fish …take the example of the last 2 weeks. Last week in 2005, the weather was atrocious, this year good. This week in 2005 great weather… this week- ordinary. The message here is that if you come fishing often enough you will be rewarded great weather and excellent catches.

Even in most windy weather, guests can still head out in our dory’s to maximise their catches. The Webster Twin-Fishers are spacious and stable. Here “Team Yamaha” from PMQ demonstrate.
Team Yamaha Macky Cod & Trout

Despite the challenging conditions, here are some samples of the groups hard work… In particular this magnificent Sailfin Snapper.

Sailfin Snapper Garry\'s Mackeral More Trout Sweety