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Open Heart Surgery Part II

The Donor Organ arrives, ready to for positioning. The Surgeon is ably assisted, as the ‘heart’ is manoeuvred into the patient’s cavity.

Donor Organ Arrives Positioning

The Engine Bed is prepared and the new ‘heart’ is gently positioned into its final resting place.

Engine Bed In Position

Once in position, the new engines await to be plumbed and wired (circulation and nerve supply) to be restored to working order.

Final Resting Place

Open Heart Surgery…Part I

The ‘Patient’ was ready and the ‘Donor Organs’ were found…

Donor Organs New Heart

x2 D12-300Volvo Penta Propulsion Engine fitted with Twin Disc -MG5114SC-E

The ‘Patient’ arrives for surgery and is ‘prepped’…

Arriving Prepped

The ‘Incision’ is made and the x2 ‘Interns’ view the Surgeon’s handywork…

Incision The Interns Assisting

The ‘Patient’s heart is ligated and removed in readiness for the ‘Transplant’…

Ligation Removal of organ

COST TO DATE – (Using the Miss Wistari Currency Converter)

x1650 pairs of these
Live here for whole a year!
One of these