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18th -25th August 2007

Mike’s Gang from NSW had a good week  on their yearly visit to the Swains Reefs.

boys2mf.jpg dsc04449.jpg

empsmf.jpg boysmf.jpg

dsc04466.jpg  sweetymf.jpg

mackeralmf.jpg  This was a ‘Share’ fish!

28th July – 4th August 2007

Les’s Crew from Pallamallawah once again took to the reef for some great fishing.


cobialr.jpg A nice Cobia

halfa-fishlr.jpg   Not So Lucky

fclr.jpg    macklr.jpg

redlr.jpg  troutlr.jpg


11th- 18th August 2007

Damien’s Sunshine Coast lad’s produce some fine catches, including some spectacular Red Emporer!


   nelms07-2.jpg   nelms07trout1.jpg


nelms07armit.jpg   nelms07ken.jpg 

  nelms07emp2.jpg   nelms07emp.jpg



4th -11th August 2007

Allan’s gang from Newcastle covered some miles chasing fish with some great catches as a result.

benson07trout2.jpg   benson07trout.jpg

benson07gt.jpg   benson07benni.jpg



Swains Reef Charter 2007

Snapper’s Glen Innes Group…

snappertrout07.jpg  snapper07-016.jpg

snapper07-008.jpg  snapper07-007.jpg

snapper07-002.jpg   empsnapper07.jpg

oops.jpg      oops!

14th -21st July 2007

New guests onboard Kanimbla, Frank’s Friends from Northern NSW meet with some cool temperatures, in fact Boyne Island, a coastal villiage (where this writer lives) experinced a morning frost!- unheard of in this area. So the bottom fish were a little shy, but the group managed to take home some quality pelagic fish.  

mackeral53colling07.jpg    mackeral-colling07.jpg

mackeral2colling07.jpg  squire1colling07.jpg

mackeral4colling07.jpg  trevallycolling07.jpg

fishing2colling07.jpg  fishing3colling07.jpg

fishingcolling07.jpg    troutx2colling07.jpg

23rd – 30th June 2007

John W’s group from Brisbane also experienced some unseasonably chilly winter weather more common to their home town of Brisbane.


johnwest07-trout.jpg  jwesttrout07.jpg

john-west-chilly07.jpg  jwestbrrr07.jpg

johnwestred07.jpg  redwest07jpg.jpg


Swains Reef Charter

Bob, Mickey, John, JD, Paul, Legend Lawrence and Co. enjoy their time at the Swains.


 boys-bc.jpg  dory-fishing.jpg

lawrencebc.jpg  mackeralbc.jpg

trout3bc.jpg   trout4bc.jpg

troutbc.jpg   kanimbla.jpg

14th -21st July 2007

Here are some great pics of John Milne’s group from Lismore NSW!  It was a week of kind & mild weather after our recent cold snap, this produced some quality catches for John’s Lismore crew.   


   mackeral-milne07.jpg     maoricodmilne07.jpg


  red-empmilne078.jpg    rtsweetymilne07.jpg


trout2milne07.jpg    troutmilne07.jpg