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22nd – 29th September 2007

Ed’s gang from Toowoomba had some stunning weather resulting in some stunning catches.

Perfect Weather


boys-redsed07.jpg      emperored07.jpg

fancy-pantsed07.jpg    sweetliped07.jpg

mackarel2ed07.jpg    mackeraled07.jpg


15th – 22nd September 2007

The Swains Reef Fishing Club from the Gold Coast was ably lead by Ian (Shorty).



perfect-dayshort07.jpg  A Perfect Day

mornings-workshort07.jpg    arvo-drinks-short07.jpg Arvo Drinks

edsfish-short07.jpg   troutshort07.jpg




8th -15th September 2007

maoricodps07.jpgPete’s Crew from the Hunter Valley had some brilliant days of fine weather – not bad for a winters day


psgroup07.jpg    cruisingps07.jpg


boys-fishps07.jpg  venus-tuskps07.jpg

  fishx2ps07.jpg  redemp2ps07.jpg    mackarelps07.jpg  mackeral2ps07.jpg  redempps07.jpg

1st – 8th September 2007

Bruiser’s Crew from Noosa us on their yearly charter to the Swains Reefs.


15sweetlipbm07.jpg  boyzbm07.jpg

mackeralbm07.jpg  spanglebm07.jpg

sweetlipgroupbm07.jpg  troutbm07.jpg


25th August – 1st September 2007

Tony and his Pals from Sydney joined us for a charter to the Swains Reefs.



 sweetlipgrouptdb07.jpg   trout4tdb07.jpg


extremefishingtdb07.jpg   trouttdb07.jpg

trout2tdb07.jpg   trout3tdb07.jpg