Archives for October 2008

4th October – 11th October 2008

Mike and his mates from Parks in N.S.W had a pleasant week out on the water..

27th September – 4th October 2008

The Victorian contigent with Glen at the helm had a stunning week which included a visit to the Coral Sea.

20th – 27th September 2008

Ed and his collection of mates from Toowoomba to Melbourne had a great week of weather and fishing.

13th – 20th September 08

The Gold Coast Swain Reef Fishing Club capably organised by Frank had a great week and some new members of the crew were initiated to the great fishing experience of spotlighting.

6th – 13th September 08

This week it was Peter and his crew from The Hunter Vallley. A great time was had by all.

30th August – 6th September08

Bruiser’s Crew from the Sunshine Coast brought the sunshine with them.