Archives for June 2013

7th – 14th June 2013

The Coff’s Harbour crew celebrated Reg’s 25th year of fishing at the Swains (the last 17 with us). Conveniently and no doubt out of great respect(!) the weather and the fishing were superb. Some fine quality catches were made and the Pelagics and Red Emperor were in good numbers. Congratulations REG!


31st May – 7th June 2013

Richard’s Crew from Toowoomba had a few good days fishing before some blustery weather thwarted their efforts.  Try again next year Hey fellas? If you are a dedicated fisherman and come with us on enough charters, you’ll have some outstanding days, some great days, some good days and a few ordinary days…that’s fishing!

Bob & John’s Group from Sydney had a challenging week with the windy weather – the fish were a little quiet, but they still managed a few good fish.