Trip Reports

2nd – 9th May 2014

The Walcha crew were admirably organised by new leader Col, who clearly had the weather/ fishing  Gods on his side. A week of wonderful weather,company and fish  and proved a great introduction to some new starters. We hope to see you all next year along with our old regulars who were sorely missed.



25th April – 2nd May 2014

Perfect weather and epic catches provided Jame’s group with some awesome memories of their week at the Swains reefs.

11th – 18th April 2014

Ray’s Gunnedah Crew could not be thwarted in their pursuit of fish, as Cyclone Ita dissipated, bringing a day of rain and wind, the crew had a lay day in Gladstone (snore…). A day at the local shoals and then   heading out to the CapBunker Group of reefs resulted  some great catches.



4th – 11th April 2014

John’s Crew from Forbes/Parkes had an enjoyable week. Some great catches!


28th March – 4th April 2014

Steve’s crew form PMQ had a fantastic week, so much so that some of this crew ill be seeing us again in July (Rassi & Kim!)


21st – 28th March 2014

Regs crew from Coffs Harbour had a great time fishing the Swains- Week 1 of 3 charters Reg is hosting this year! see you again in June.

Here is Bruce Robson’s Trip report:

Kanimbla trip 21 to 28 March 2014

There was the usual buzz of excitement via emails and discussions in the months leading up to the next fishing trip. The week before the trip gave a wonderful weather forecast – initially! The forecast changed and the rain and wind followed – oh bugga!!

The trip out was in 20 to 25 knot SE winds and a few poor souls paid their heart felt respects to the ocean. On entering the Swain Reefs area the calmer seas were a welcome relief as we steamed towards Big Sandy Reef. There was some rain in our area however we remained dry. Catches ranged from 1 to 10 fish per dory for the morning session and consisted of mainly trout and lipper. Few fish were caught in the shallows and Ken came back from a snorkel to report only a few fish being seen with most being undersize.  Night fishing provided barracuda, squid and sharks. Fish of the day [FOTD] was Grant’s 4.8kg coral trout.

Sunday saw similar weather conditions with a 15 knot SE breeze. We fished the shoals at 30 metres and got double the previous days catch with a total of 157 packs for the day. It was a situation that if you found a spot harbouring fish, you needed to go back over the area to get more. Reg’s dory got the best catch as well as Len catching a 4.9kg red emperor and he got FOTD.   

Monday saw scattered cloud with 10 knots of SE wind. We stayed in the shoals with a similar total catch.  Sharks took many of our fish. Some spots fired and others produced meagre catches.  We went to another shoal in the afternoon for similar results. The wind reduced to 8 knots and Bob caught 2 red emperors with one being 4.2kg which gave him FOTD. Large bull sharks were in abundance as the fish frames were thrown overboard

Tuesday saw the return of the wind [15 to 20 kts] and rain. In Yepoon, some 200 km to the east, they got 500 mm of rain – yes that is half a metre of it. We got a lot less, but it was certainly wet. The dories went into the shallows at Pike Reef where we got moderate catches of lipper and trout. While there we got one squall of about 35 knots with heavy rain – it almost was a ‘white out’ for a while. Ken got a large painted crayfish. FOTD was a 20kg GT which John caught. That night James prepared an absolutely delicious seafood meal.

Wednesday saw us at Sanctuary Reef with 15 to 20 knots and scattered rain.   Catches were generally poorer. Discussion with the deckies revealed that as the weather deteriorated during  the previous week, the fish went off the chew. TJ caught FOTD, a 2.9kg lipper.

Thursday morning saw us still at Sanctuary Reef with rain in the area and wind now in the NE at 10 to 15kts. FOTD went to Bob for a 4.2kg spangled emperor. We then packed up for a smooth ride home with a following wind.

Reg gave out the prizes as we headed south east. Fish of the trip was awarded to Len for his red emperor, the little Pink Ugly Stick Challenge was awarded to Grant. Bob was awarded Fisherman of the Trip and Mick was awarded the Best Fish That Got Away. Reg was roundly applauded for another well organised and great week away.

Despite the conditions we managed to get a total of 638 packs [35 packs each] and 2 whole fish each.


Some of us wanted a copy of the recipe for James’ delicious peanut sauce:

Crunchy peanut butter -1 ladle

Coconut milk – 275 ml

Kecap Manis – 5 squirts

Sweet chilli sauce – 5 squirts

Curry powder – 1 tablespoon

Tumeric – 2 or 3 shakes

Simmer all in a saucepan

11th – 22nd February 2014

Richard’s crew from Victoria made their yearly visit to the remote  Coral Sea reefs for 10 days of chasing and catching Pelagic s . Some mighty catches were made and an awesome week was had by all.

7th – 14th June 2013

The Coff’s Harbour crew celebrated Reg’s 25th year of fishing at the Swains (the last 17 with us). Conveniently and no doubt out of great respect(!) the weather and the fishing were superb. Some fine quality catches were made and the Pelagics and Red Emperor were in good numbers. Congratulations REG!


31st May – 7th June 2013

Richard’s Crew from Toowoomba had a few good days fishing before some blustery weather thwarted their efforts.  Try again next year Hey fellas? If you are a dedicated fisherman and come with us on enough charters, you’ll have some outstanding days, some great days, some good days and a few ordinary days…that’s fishing!

Bob & John’s Group from Sydney had a challenging week with the windy weather – the fish were a little quiet, but they still managed a few good fish.