18th – 25th March

Reg’s No1. Charter 2016

Swain Reefs Social Fishing Club Trip Report March 2016

As we left home and started our way to Gladstone the trip had started all the waiting was
over and our expectations got bigger as the kilometers went by.

On arrival we checked into Queens Hotel Motel and headed for that cold beer we had been thinking of for the last 100 km’s, we were not happy with just one. So when the boys
from Port Macquarie not long after us the driving part of the trip was over and we were set for a meal in the Steakhouse and a good night was had .

Breakfast was booked for 13 at the Chantale Lane Cafe great food as always the we checked in at the tackle shop to find the perfect hook or lure that we did not have. On Kanimbla around 10am to get the gear unloaded and for the new starters find their bed for
the next week. Lunch at the Yacht Club as we do each time it seemed like we were here
last week for the regular boys, the weather was under control Ken full of confidence that he had organised it spot on. Yes the trip out was great and it was decided to go to Hickson Cay.

Day one started out with good catches in the shallows and outside the Reef, Bob’s boat
and the Bruce’s returned with really good catches at lunch. The afternoon usually slow also had good results for a first day 135 packs + whole fish tagged , 101 packs of sweet lip my trout 2.17 kg was knocked out by Ken’s 2.18 kg trout. Best lip per weight Reg 2.85kgand Bruce had a Spangled at 3.75kg Quality fish of the day went to Ken’s trout.

Day two start 7am saw the boats going outside the reef and a few worked the shallows by
lunch we had boats with full tubs and some not so lucky, in the afternoon the shallows
switched off so we had a slow afternoon and went outside to get some fish, the lipper were on but most under size, a good day with 166 packs and whole fish tagged. Some good trout weighed in Mick 2.74kg Bailey a 3kg coronation trout & Reg with a 3.4kg trout taking out quality fish of the day, Dave got. 2.72kg Maori Cod and Ken with another at 1.95kg.

Day three still working Hickson Cay the morning was fair but the afternoon was very slow inside and out but Bob’s and Bruce with Garry and Bailey fished well with Bailey landing a7.6kg Job fish great fight Bruce and Garry thought it could be a shark. There is plenty of them out there. We finished up with 109 packs plus whole fish tagged to take home 63packs of lipper Dave got a 2.87kg lipper and I had a 2.85kg fish. Ken had a good day
spearing with a 5.7kg blue spot trout + a 4.04kg spangled emperor and 9 trout with a cray
or two. Fish of the day went to Mick with a 8.9kg Red Emperor one of two for the trip Mick
and Mike together fighting a big fish found the Red had taken both baits and Mick let Mike have it well done boys.

Day four we moved up to Sweetlip Reef and with the best day of wind we had was to be15/20 but we got 20/25 felt like 30. The reef usually fishes OK but not today, we got a few good fish in the shallows and Bob and the Bruce Watt team braved the wind and tides toget fish. We ended up with 74 packs for the day hard work but Ken had a good day
underwater the only fish on the board was me with a 3.2kg lipper in the shallows and fish of the day. Tuesday night is a very special seafood banquet meal you could never forget.
Janey did herself and the crew proud. Skipper Steve and the boys that have been there before reckoned she has taken it to another level fantastic.

Day five we moved up to Hook Reef and we found the fish hungrier than at Sweetlip,
catches were up in the morning session but not so good in the afternoon 99 packs + whole fish tagged to take home. Rob McAlpine (Dock) was on fire he had stopped bowling and was now casting and getting onto the bid ones he had a Trout 2.1kg and a Sweetlip at3.1kg nearly got me with that one, Mick also had a 2.2kg lipper and Ken got a 2.45 trout.
Rob got fish of the day and had a great day(TRIP) PS Ben got a 4kg Spanish Mackerel the only one for the trip so it looks like June is the best time for them

Day six last chance & we traveled back to Hickson so we could get a longer session that night. Fish were collected around 10.30am to get started on cleaning them The gun team
of Bruce Bailey & Garry Watt had nailed it with the esky full and starting on the fish tub in the shallows, Bailey also masted the hand line and at all but 16 he fished hard every day.
We finished up with 79 packs for the morning Hickson Reef had provided us with most of the fish and we had not fished it for some time in March or June trips. Paul got a 2.2kgtrout and fish of the day some Spangled Emperor taken, two turtles were hooked taking baits Garry and I were the lucky ones to get up close and personal with them releasing both, what a great place to go fishing.

The fishing was over and the results were in for the fishing challenge prizes we presented after dinner on the way back to Gladstone.

We finished up with 37 packs of fillets & 2 whole fish tagged (names) each a good trip.

Coral Trout of the trip Reg with a 3.4kg.

Red Throat Emperor (Sweetlip) of the trip Reg with a 3.2kg

Red Emperor of the trip Mick with a 8.9kg

Spangled Emperor of the trip Bruce Robson with a 3.75kg

Spanish Mackerel of the trip Ben with a 4kg

COD of the trip Dave with a Maori Cod with a 2.72kg

Other Species of the trip Bailey with the Job Fish a 7.6kg

Quality fish of the trip went to Mick with his Red Emperor ..

The stand out fisherman for the trip went to Bailey Watt we think you have good training

We thanked the crew for a great week and all the work they do to make our trip great.
I had a real good time with you all and let’s do it again next year.
Next trip in June is booked out, but 18 November has spots so get in for another great trip.

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