2nd -9th July 2005

Steve Voss’s Gang from the QLD Sunshine Coast paid us their yearly visit with mischief in their eyes! Sometimes the weather, tides and fishing gods are working against you and some charters don’t produce the plethora of fish expected. Steve’s gang have chartered with us for many years now and in the past have had great catches but also know that when perfect conditions don’t arise they take it in their stride and make their own fun…Knowing next year will be better.

They battled the elements:
They Drank beer for Breakfast!
Beer for Breakfast
Enjoyed Dressing Up as Pirates.
Capt Bruce???!
Capt FeatherStobo
They were really being a bit silly!
Very Silly
Time to get serious – Bruce took off his pink satin shirt! and his fine Pirate’s hat and gave Steve’s gang a good Slap!
Mighty Emperor
Great Trout
Team Effort
And after a Jolly Good Rogering Talking To- they ended up having some good catches!!

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