3rd – 10th June 2016

While the rest of the East Coast of Australia experienced extreme weather – The Swains, not so much! Reg’s Crew on the 2nd visit this year encounter some wonderful weather and good catches. So you back in November!

Here is Reg’s trip report:

Great Trip Good Weather and a great team of fishermen.

We started the trip with a couple of drinks and a great meal at Queens Steakhouse and the Rooms were good  value.

The trip out was a bit rough after the start of the tropical low left Swain’s on its way down the East Coast. Saturday it blew 20 to 25 and started to ease by the evening but we all fished with 113 packs total included were 17 Tusk Fish a good start for our first day at Herald Prong 1  above the green zone. Fish of the day was a 6KG Job Fish to Regan Gordon with a 5.2KG Cobia -he received the wine.

Day 2 at Prong 1 then to Perfect Lagoon produced 146 packs: 26 Trout, 99 Sweetlip with us all getting our  skills up. The wind was dropping out now down to 10 to 15knts  and no fish were weighed in for fish of the Day?

Day 3 Monday at Perfect Reef was perfect with good catches 166 packs for the day and the weather was getting better and better. George came back with fish of the day; a 4.8KG Red Emperor, TJ got a 2.8KG Trout and Ken Stewart with a 2.65 Sweetlip.

Day 4- we arrived at Mystery Reef Big Lagoons one way in and out at low tide for Kanimbla. The day produced 214 packs and Gordon Lindsay & Scruffy filled everything including the anchor tub. Other boats came back with fish but Gordon’s boat did it twice; great fishing!  Now we know the mystery of why our group has never fished it -was one of those secret spots. Fish of the day was a Cobia 7.2KG that Dave got, more really good trout Lindsay came in with a 2.5KG and Martin with a 2.4KG. Lipper were the catch of the reef with 163 fish caught and the Cobia of Dave’s making 14 packs.

Day 5 at Mystery Reef produced 150 Lipper, 22 Trout, 11 Tusk and a 6.6KG Job Fish by Ken Sipple one big fish, Kevin landed the Trout of the trip at 4.3KG first drop after lunch. The dories that fished inside the lagoons had big catches and a slow trip out on the falling tide. This was a memorable Reef that we may see in future trips as we headed South West to be able to fish longer on day six.

Day 6 -we were at Dog Leg Reef and at day break it was decided not to go to Big Sandy as it had glassed out. We had one of those days no wind (Ken we know we had the blessing of the Weather God but you did not have to go so hard) it was a bit strange hearing conversations on other boats a hundred meters away. Good catches of quality trout 33 taken and all good fish, Scruffy caught a 3.2KG the best of them only 49 sweetlip some good fish TJ a 2.7KG Dennis & Adrian with a 2.8KG each and I had the lipper of trip at  3KG .Good Tusk Fish taken 16 for the half day (88 for the trip so they will have there own slot now and Cod only 1 taken for the trip will go into other species) Gordon brought in a 4.4KG Red and fish of the day. Steve let us fish until 1pm as we were going to have a great trip home with a glass out.

JUNE 2016 Trip

Coral Trout for the trip Kevin 4.3KG

Red Throat Emperor (Sweetlip) Reg 3KG

Red Emperor George T. 4.8KG

Spangled Emperor Jeff 3,6KG

Spanish Mackerel Dave 6.8KG

Other Species Dave Cobia 7,2KG

Fish of the trip George T. Red Emperor

Standout Fisherman for the trip Gordon

The best trip home for a long time, after we loaded the gear the fish came out to pack 47 packs and 38 whole fish great trip.


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