9th – 16th May 2014


KB and his regular crew from around Gloucester and Nowra were also joined by a few newcomers from Tassie.

The weather forecast pre-departure wasn’t great, but spirits were still high and everyone was looking forward to an enjoyable week ahead (even the hung over ones!!!).

The trip out was a little bumpy and day one was a bit quiet on the fish, although some good quality were still landed including a couple of nice red emperor, as well as some trout and red throats.

Day two was a better day and some solid catches were had by all with the brave few that ventured out in the dories coming back with good numbers. Trout, parrot fish, red throats, as well as some nice sized Spanish mackerel were all boated and spirits were quite high that night.

Day three started out pretty nice with the wind down, but the forecast was for the weather to deteriorate by the afternoon, so we fished the morning session and headed for some protection over lunch.. A decent amount of fish still came on board for the day with both the main boat and the dories proving their worth. The forecasted wind eventuated by mid-afternoon and the decision to seek shelter was appreciated by all.

On the fourth morning, the wind was strong and everyone decided that the main boat was the place to fish so we headed out to a shoal for the day of drifting. Under the conditions we had, the catches were quite good with some nice trout, parrot and lipper being landed as well as KB’s red emperor.

To say day fives conditions were tough would be kind to Mother Nature, she was being a bitch really!! All in all the boys still managed to get a feed together and kept their spirits up. The day was compiled of main boat drifting once again and a few mackerel as well as the usual trout, lipper and parrot put some good sized packs in the freezer.

 Thursday was again windy and the boys decided to fish off the main boat. We selected a deeper shoal to fish for the morning and on the first drop a couple of nice nannygai were landed and things looked promising. The day progressed along nicely with the guys finding a few small Spanish as well as some great trophy fish including half a dozen more nannygai  and five beautiful red emperors, the biggest going nearly ten kilos.

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