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18th -25th June 2005

The fish John West Didn’t Reject – Or – (Sorry John -I know the Joke’s Been Done to Death)

Team JW

An Unseasonal wind shift from the West (no pun intended) meant the crew from Brisbane lead by none other than (no relation to the fish manufacturer) John West had an oportunity to visit some of the outer reefs on the far edge of our Great Barrier Reef.

Team JW and Their Catch

Great Catch Great Red! Spainish Mackeral...

Because our prevailing wind usually come s from the south east – it isn’t very often that we can visit the reefs on the edge of the shelf; when a westerly blows our anchorages tend to sit on the drop offs rarely frequented and as a result the catches are impressive!

11th – 18th July 2005

Organisers Ron and Merryl, cleverly left a Stanthorpe winter to travel to the Coral Sea in calm seas and mild temperatures and the boys from Canberra and Cootamundra couldn’t have agreed more! Perfect conditions meant a visit to Saumarez reef and the fishing didn’t disappoint. A near record catch of fish made for a memorable week.

Ron\'s Crew
Bobs Big Red Blue Maori Cod Great Trout Catches

Whilst the fellows were out in the dinghies hunting and gathering the girls (Merryl and Rita) kept themselves busy on the Kanimbla… What a Haul of Cobia!

< Busy Ladies!

You know what they say?…Red Sky at Night Sailors Delight- a perfect end to the day. Red Sky

4th -11th June 2005

An excellent week was had by the crew from the Coffs Harbour and a successful 1st week for Captain Adam. Some good quality catches were taken and after a quick hands on ‘fishing the shallows’ coaching session with Capt. Adam, newcomers to the Coff’s Group performed like seasoned pros.

Beautiful Mackeral Reef Kings with their Emperor Reefs Bounty
Tony & Son, Dave Tony's Monster Trout

Captain Adam’s Maiden Voyage

Capt Adam

Captain Adam Houghton left the Gladstone Marina on his Maiden Voyage to the Swain’s Reefs. Adam has been a most valuable crewman on the Kanimbla for the last 4 years and his personality, local knowledge and skills in seamanship make him an obvious choice as relief Skipper. Both Bruce and Garry(retired) waved him off and the wharf amid cheering from the passengers.

Man-Hugging Weather Report

Here Bruce gives Adam a good luck hug ( not that there is anything wrong with a bit of man-hugging) and discuss the weather report and charter plan.

June 2005

A small group of good friends (10) from Sydney enjoyed a week with a bit of wind but a lot of good fish.

Mikey and GT Mikey and Elie Lawrence Vintage Catch!

Certainly Lawrence (Pictured right with Bruce and a Chinaman Fish) is an example of what fisherman can aspire to…Lawrence is 80 years young and can very competently bring in the big ones. Unfortunately, his 8 kg fish is protected and after quite a fight to land, it was successfully returned o the sea.

Mackeral Charlie's 1st Fish

Young Jnr Decky Charlie, (Right)finally managed his 1st decent fish…how pleased does he look?

21st -28th May 2005

A week of good weather (despite an ominous forcast) and great fishing for the friends of Richard Bowly (Publican).

Richard\'s Gang ...and ?Friend The gang and …?Friend!

Here’s how we we process your catch- 1st, You catch them. Next, we clean and fillet them. Finally, your catch is named, colour coded to species, wrapped, packed and snap frozen to minus 35C

What a Catch! Our crew filleting your fish. Ready to be frozen
2 Great trout How Happy?

14th – 21st May

Finally!…Yipee! The wind has stopped, the conditions were perfect, the fishing was great and the Bag limits were reached on Sweetlip(Red Throat Emperor). There was even an opportunity to visit world famous Heron Island on the way home. This group organised by Garry W. hailed from all over Australia- QLD, Northern NSW and even WA.

Garry Warren\'s (Brisbane) Gang >Group Shot

Seas Monster trout

and finally, in the words of Garry W. ..Good Fishing, Good Company…Good Bye!

7th- 14th May 2005

Obviously the boys from Gloucester didn’t pray hard enough to the ‘Wind Gods’ as a result yet again- a windy week! Combined with a few rain squalls, made the fishing a real challenge! Despite the conditions the boys caught some exceptionally fine fish. This is the mark of good fishermen!

Gloucester Boys Happy Customer Not a Bad Effort
Son of Brother John