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12th – 19th May 2007

This group of fishermen admirably demonstrate how fellows from 4 different groups can enjoy each others company and the joy of fishing. Garry’s gang from Brisbane, The Hardy boys from PMQ, Martin’s Friends from Sydney and Narrabri and Nigel & Co. from Bris.



garry-warren-07-011.jpg    garrys-trout.jpg

boys.jpg    nigels-trout.jpg

teatime.jpg Teatime – Baked fish a la ‘Kanimbla’

19th – 26th May 2007

Bob Goodried’s Pals enjoyed a week of fine weather with our new Relief Skipper Greg!


bobby-ks-trout.jpg  x2sweetys.jpg

dave-fredericks.jpg   bob-goodreid07-004.jpg

biggggtrout.jpg  rede-emp07.jpg


28th April – 5th May 2007

The Boys from Walcha NSW were one of the first groups to join us on charter 10 years ago in 1997. It makes us proud that after 10 years they’re still enjoying their time on the Kanimbla. Still plenty of fish too!

The Old Girl Mother ‘Kanimbla’

dory-fishing.jpg The ‘Kittens’ out fishing in brilliant conditions

reds.jpg     sweety-5.jpg

great-cobia.jpg    macky-in-dinghy.jpg

catching-gt.jpg    great-gt07.jpg

moonrise.jpg  Goodnight!

5th – 12th May 2007

Graham’s Gang from Gloucester NSW are just one of the many original groups who have been chartering with us since we began operating in 1997. After all these years, they certainly know how to catch fish!

The boys    fine-red-stelzer.jpg

stelzer-gt2.jpg     stelzer-red2.jpg 

stelzer-gt.jpg        stelzer-mackeral.jpg

big-fishx2.jpg          dunnys-sweetlip.jpg