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16th – 23rd June

Regular organisers Ron & Merryl Anderson missed their yearly charter after many years, travelling around WA instead. This year’s charter was admirably lead by Shane McPaul. Ususally this group leave the freezing Stanthorpe weather for sunny Gladstone, however, this year they brought it with them!!

On the 21st June Gladstone experienced 3C overnight, only to climb to 11C during the day! It was even unseasonable cold at sea with cilly westerly winds. However, the fish were still biting, albiet reluctanly leaving the warm water.

chilllydayztrout.jpg  mcpaul07trout.jpg

mcpauldad-and-daughter.jpg  mcpaultrout07.jpg

sweetymcpaul07.jpg  troutx2mcpaul07.jpg

troutx3mcpaul07.jpg  rowdys-squid.jpg

big-chinamcpaul07.jpg     redsx2mcpaul07.jpg

9th – 16th June 2007

Reg’s Group from the Coffs Harbour joined us for their 10th year aboard the Kanimbla. Reg, however wins the prize for the most visits to the Swains- he has been going fishing to the Swains since 1989. The Coffs club recognised Reg’s prodigious fishing history by presenting him with a souvenir jacket.

Fine weather greeted the boys (and Reg’s expertise) which  helped bring in some fine catches and the Coffs club always run a host of competions to make the charter exciting.

trout2-rl.jpg         trout3rl.jpg

 twin-trout.jpg         trout-rl.jpg

great-catchrl.jpg  rl-sweety.jpg

sweetlip-rl.jpg  teatime.jpg

26th May – 2nd June 2007

Richard’s Buddy’s left the drought conditions of Toowoomba to surround themselves in water…the Pacific…too bad its salty! But it was full of life regardless.

Here’s Richard’s Friends-



sweetys-bowly.jpg    beaut-sweety07.jpg

bowly-trout07.jpg    bowly1.jpg 

some-trout.jpg    x2sweety07.jpg

more-trout07.jpg    off-fishing07.jpg

The invitation is open to any of the  Toowoomba chaps to send me a little story of your week- 300words WORD Doc. via email.