8th – 15th March 2008

 John’s crew from Forbes joined us again for their regular March charter.

 hbr-gladstone.jpg Kanimbla @ the Marina – Gladstone

deep-thought.jpgDeep in thought!

dorie.jpg Heading off to try their luck in our dories.


side-fishing.jpg Fishing from the comfort of the mothership.

sweetlip2jm.jpg too-slowjm.jpg  Too Slow!troutjmx2.jpg  sweetlipjm.jpg



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Sunny skies but windy weather greeting Nev’s crew from Brisbane. Here’s Nev’s Reporting on the week… In March 2007 our […]

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Posted on March 23rd, 2008

Our 2nd Parkes NSW contingent. Laurie’s crew bagged some fine catches.   Flat Out Like A Lizzard…..  

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