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12th -19th November 2005

Bob’s crew from Victoria joined us for a great week of perfect weather and fishing. Many of this group were 1st timers on Kanimbla. Though all were competent southern water anglers, it was also a first time for some fishing the Great Barrier Reef.

Bob\\\'s Gang Trophies GT Trout10 jobby Emp. Sweetlip

5th – 12th November 2005

A week of stunning weather greeted the crew from Sydney and the Swains Reefs was their destination. Perserverance has proven worthwhile for this group as they have had their far share of windy weather in the past. It just proves that whilst one charter may not have ideal weather, if you keep coming, you will eventually hit the jackpot with absolute perfect weather.

Wally\'s Job Fish A Mighty Trout Trout2

Another birthday celebration aboard Kanimbla…Happy 40th Bernie!

Bernie\'s BDay

Cobia Fish

What better way to end the day than with an afternoon dip in the warm and inviting pacific ocean.

Water Babies

26th October – 5th November 2005

Ahoy fellow game fishermen, the mighty Superseamen (their choice of superlative) have once again laid claim to some amazing fishing outcomes during a 10 day charter to the Coral Sea. During our most recent 9 day QLD Spawning closure , the Kanimbla set its course to the outer Coral Sea reefs of Frederick, Kenn and Wreck reefs which fall outside of Qld waters into Australian Territorial fishing grounds. Fortunately, the weather proved sufficiently mild enough to attempt a full 10 day charter to these reefs.

Sushi Anybody? More game Fish

This Oceanic Trout isn’t a keeper. A size limit of between 50 – 80cm exist for this species and so the fish was released. There is also a possibility of large carinivores like this trout carrying Ciguatera Toxin , just another reason to return this fish to the sea. This trout IS a keeper.

Too Big OK Trout

Some great catches
Steve's Emperor Steve Giant Trevally /> Dolphin fish/<img src= 3 Amigos Beautiful Blue Trevally

During the return (29hr) journey a magnificent 60kg Marlin was hooked,landed, photographed & safely released!
60kg Marlin- The FightThe Landing

The Photo -OpSafe Release

More Images from this charter can be viewed at Jason’s Web Site… Yeh Jason!

PS I’m Waiting for your story Bruce R.! And here it is:


The possibility of a ten day/three reef adventure on Kanimbla is enough to gladden the heart of any super seaman. Wednesday 26 October 2005 was the date on everyone’s mind and many of us arrived the day before – just to ensure that we could corner the local fishing tackle market prior to departure. As it was closed season for the Great Barrier Reef we knew that, come what may, we had to travel out beyond the Swain Reefs and Saumarez Reef before we could fish in earnest. Fortunately there was no fear of cyclones as the water temperature was a few degrees too low for them to be spawned.  Continue Reading »